I Will Be Spiritually Present While Dog Sitting My Friend's Dog This Weekend But Not Physically

I’m dog sitting for my friend’s dog, Echo, this weekend and I have full faith that the universe will provide for everything necessary. As a result, I haven’t made any real concrete plans to provide food, water, or toilet for Echo, who is a very advanced being in terms of lifetimes lived and spiritual wisdom acquired.

Echo has a community - or spiritual circle - of dogs at the local dog park who have traveled with her throughout many lifetimes. While Echo will not be attending the park in her physical form this weekend her fellow canine spiritual circle will nonetheless provide spiritual adjustments and emotional support psychically.

I know you are probably thinking that there are some very real physical risks associated with this approach of dog sitting, such as starvation, dehydration and loss of the dog in its physical form (e.g., losing the dog).

However, all of these actions and reactions would place Echo, who has already chosen to walk a path of higher wisdom and growth within this lifetime, on an accelerated track leading towards the discovery of her higher spiritual being.

I do intend to leave the door ajar so that Echo can take meditational walks which fuel her creative growth, capacity for spiritual development and wisdom acquired over lifetimes. The universe will provide for Echo as long as she keeps positive visions in her mind’s eye and sets an intention of abundance.

We have already worked on a vision board to prepare Echo. I have complete faith that with the alignment of all intentions and continuing to provide for my very best self by attending hot yoga, focusing on my meditation ritual, my Instagram spirituality page (mostly selfies), engaging my core, and not disrupting the flow that is necessary to my vision for a balanced life. I am doing the very best I can for Echo.

After all, taking care of yourself is the best way to nurture others. Echo would agree.

Mercury doesn’t go into retrograde until next week and my friend will be back on Monday, giving Echo an appropriate and healthy amount of time to have the necessary spiritual support before the shift.

Dogs need spiritual support too. Hopefully, Echo’s intentions do not include wandering up the freeway entrance on her meditation walks.

Written by Jilly.