Is A Race Card In A Past Life Transferable? One White Woman Says, "Obvii"

White woman, Anastasia Connerly, remembers the exact moment when she realized she was actually black.

It was when she got a past life reading at an arts and crafts flea market in Warwick, Tennessee.

“I followed the smell of jasmine to the booth of hybrid gypsy-psychic goddess, Heather,” Connerly told Egobaby, “She took my hand and sat me down across from her. She told me I had lived many lives, most of which were in Africa.

‘Of course’ I thought to myself, ‘this makes perfect sense.’”

Though Connerly has been entirely white in this lifetime - and allegedly one of the whitest people her friends and family know - she now identifies as black or “mixed race.”

“It’s not the color of your skin that makes you black or white,” Connerly recently told a room of African-Americans, part of a local church group, “it’s who you are inside. For me, that’s a black African tribesman named Abulmughayyis, which means ‘The father of one who saves others’, but you probably already knew that.”

Connerly feels free knowing she can finally sing all the words to her favorite rap songs out loud in public, even Tupac’s Ambitionz Az a Ridah, which has approximately eleven mentions of the n-word, a detail that hasn’t been lost on African-Americans in close proximity to her when she’s listening to music.

“I’ve always wanted to rap,” Connerly told the church group, “and maybe now this is my chance to blend my African. I can get his message out as a white woman without the fear of being shot. I have a double race card. I’m so blessed.”

Written by Alli Coleman.