New! Scalding Hot Yoga Workshop!

If you've ever taken a hot yoga class and felt like you wanted to turn it up a notch then this is the workshop for you.

The New Scalding Hot Workshop takes place on a wooden platform suspended above a boiling lava pit.

Get ready to get limber because your body is going to move in ways you never imagined. Have you always struggled with dhanurasana? Wait until blisters form on your stomach and the skin on your legs is sealed to the wooden floor. You'll do dhanurasana then.

See, the Scalding Hot Yoga class is a one-time workshop with no refunds and the only way out is through the yoga poses. Meaning, this is about ultimate liberation from the confines of your body, not some measly suburban yoga class where you show off your latest Lululemons.

The class is over when your consciousness ascends to a higher realm through an opening in your skull. You get to leave and go home when your body has been scalded to the point of a raisin and the pain from the heat is too much for your heart to take. And when we say "home" we mean the empty universe that inhabits us all.

You'll need to get your affairs in order before you take this workshop. Make amends. Say goodbye to loved ones. Make a will. Cancel your appointments. This is it. This is your final shavasana.

But if you've ever struggled with headstands you will be amazed at how easily they come to you in this workshop ... before you wither and collapse from the purifying heat.

If you've always wanted to Bhujapidasana but haven't been able to quite get all your limbs to work for you, wait until your body experiences the full force of 2140 degrees Fahrenheit. You'll Bhujapidasana up a fuck storm.

Dress light. Bring a mat. And a towel. And a water bottle. We don't provide amenities. We're here to get you to a higher realm.

All levels welcome.

Price: $5000! What's money anyway when released from the confines of physical reality via the heat of scalding lava!