Turns Out, What Happens Next Is Up To You

New scientific research has just discovered that what happens next is in fact up to you. This is in direct contrast to previously held scientific beliefs that what happens next might not be up to you.

"The old scientific model suggested there might be an underlying force in the molecular structure of our world that guided us along," said quantum physicist, Noel Berger, "but this is apparently not the case.

"Each subsequent event that happens to an individual is due to the decision the individual made before that outcome. In other words, what happens in each moment directly correlates to the action each human being has performed in the preceding moment."

This new avante-garde theory also breaks with the notion of divine providence, that there is an unseen spiritual god-like hand guiding us all.

The way this new theory works is that you live your life as you normally do. The theory then postulates that each moment is an opportunity for anything to happen. Thus, in each consecutive moment you have the option of creating a "happening," or an occurrence. So if you wanted to walk to your door, the choice to move your feet towards the door is your choice.

"The beauty of this discovery," said Berger, "is that you can literally make the choice to do anything in the next moment of your life. It's very freeing."

Despite the evidence, not every scientist agrees. There are members of the old guard that still believe what happens next might not be up to them. "If what happens next is up to me, then my wife has not gotten this memo," said one scientist who wished to remain anonymous.